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 70 mage -Accepted-

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70 mage   -Accepted- Empty
PostSubject: 70 mage -Accepted-   70 mage   -Accepted- Icon_minitimeWed 5 Sep 2007 - 21:31

-Your character-
Character: ironfighter
Talents:10/48/3 for rading and 0/0/61 for pvp
Additional gear:working on fire res gear, can be useful on maulgar if we gonna raid gruul´s lair in the future.
Playtime:26 days on lvl 70 (40days total)
Experience: i know abit about kara, (killed the first five bosses) and all TBC instances. killed maulgar once and got gruul to 20%. thats it.
Activity:im playing almost all days between 17.00,18.00- 24.00, but on fridays and saturdays im usually at home and i have no comp there.

Ventrilo:doesnt use it so often, but on raids i use it ofc

-Additional info-
when the expansion comes i think im gonna leave my mage behind and start to play on the new char death knight on my brothers realm, tarren mill.

A few weeks after i left the guild i had before i started realise that something was missing. it was the guild, the rading, the good time and when i said i wanted to come back to the guild they said they were full on mages, sadly. But luckaly my friend angelixx asked me to join his guild, so i would be very happy if i could join.
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70 mage -Accepted-
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