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 Holy pala -Accepted-

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PostSubject: Holy pala -Accepted-   Sat 15 Sep 2007 - 19:45

-Your character-
Character: Varil BE Paladin
Talents: 20/41/0 atm but i will respec holy (see Miscellaneus)
Additional gear: i have grears for healing, tanking and DPS
Playtime: 28 days
Experience: Ive cleared kara and i know how to kill few bosses from 25man raids
Activity: 10-30h/week i can raid everyday

Name: Bart
Age: 18
Country: Poland
Occupation: Student
Ventrilo: Speak and listen

-Additional info-
Reason: id like to raid with good team
Contribution: Max Blacksmithing and mining / reveared+ most fractions
Future: i have mature exam in 2008 but i think i will be able to ride twice a week.

from time to time id like to respec DPS or Farm spec for few days.
now im in prot>holy spec because im grinding i think 20 point in holy is enough for kara and most heroics (cleared kara till illhoof and mech heroic with this spec) but ill respec when i get enough scryers rep stuff
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PostSubject: Re: Holy pala -Accepted-   Sat 15 Sep 2007 - 19:47

armory link
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PostSubject: Re: Holy pala -Accepted-   Sun 16 Sep 2007 - 16:59

Like need blessings.
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PostSubject: Re: Holy pala -Accepted-   

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Holy pala -Accepted-
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