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Currently recruiting... Empty
PostSubject: Currently recruiting...   Currently recruiting... Icon_minitimeFri 24 Aug 2007 - 17:02

...the following classes

  • Mage (any) 0-1
  • Paladin (holy) 1
  • Priest (shadow prefered) 1
  • Rogue (any) 0-1
  • Warlock (any) 1

-Requirements for classes-

Druid - Tanking gear with defence cap (uncritable) and good DPS gear that allows you to DPS when you are not tanking. Standard feral specc with 3/3 Thick Hide, 3/3 SotF and the other standard talents. A decent healing set to back up with if we are really low on healers for a raid is prefered.
A resto druid will need ToL with "HoT specc" and it is a bonus if you are also specced HT for those fights with spiky damage.

Hunter - This class is still debated about if it's any good to bring to raids and what specc does most damage. Simply what we want here is just very good damage.

Mage - Knowing how to control aggro while still doing good damage. Also knowing that you have other duties in a raid such as decursing.

Paladin - Just the standard stuff. A healing specc and BoK. You can have a healing set with any armor (cloth etc) but you must also have one with plate (even if it gimps your healing stats a bit).

Priest- For shadow you need the obvious talents in shadow like Vampiric Touch, Misery and the -threat talent. If you are applying for this role you still need to do the same or close to the same DPS as "pure" DPS classes.
A holy priest doesn't have to be specced all the way down in Holy but we require the standard talents (no disc majority builds).

Rogue - High or highest DPS in the raid while maintaining a controlled level of threat. A high hit rating and high AP are the best stats. Combat specc is prefered.

Warlock - High DPS and ability to last the mana through fights without requiring heals to lifetap. Some dedication to collecting soul shards before raids and being ready to use them all.

Shaman - Elemental shamans will need end talent in elem tree to buff the group. You should have the standard talents and most important is that you can maintain a high DPS without running out of mana during the fights.
Enhancement needs to be dual wield with a high hit rating and the totem buff talent and AP on crit talent.
Resto requires mana tide, earthshield and the standard talents. You need to know how to help your group sustain their mana and do effective healing.
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Currently recruiting...
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