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 Sample Application

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PostSubject: Sample Application   Sample Application Icon_minitimeWed 25 Jul 2007 - 2:23

-How to make an application-

Simply answer these questions and at the "Miscellaneous" section at the end you can write down other things that you wish to add.

This application will have some sample stuff filled in to give you a hint on what to type.

All questions must be answered unless they are stated as "(optional)"

-Your character-
Character: Giba 70 Tauren Druid
Talents: 51/0/10 (Moonkin PvP) Also add if you are willing to specc or not. (we dont used forced speccs but if you arn't, we might not need your specc at the moment)
Armory: http://armory.wow-europe.com/character-sheet.xml?r=The+Maelstrom&n=Giba
Additional gear: (here you can have links to ctprofiles etc for other gear sets, or you can simply show your other sets to us in-game)
Playtime: 36 days played on Giba. Roughly 100+ total on all characters.
Experience: Previous member of Hellion (Cleared: MC, BWL, ZG, AQ, most of Naxx). Previous member of DUSK (Cleared: Karazhan, Gruul's Lair). Please make sure you include your pre-TBC raiding experience aswell.
Activity: (Your average playtime each week, also type down if there are any certain days of the week you cannot attend raids at all or only at limited times) 10-30h, can attend all days. (Our current raid times are 19:00 - 23:00, please add what days of the week you are avalible to attend full raids)

Name: Jocke (optional)
Age: 20
Country: Sweden
Occupation: Work / Student in a near future (optional)
Ventrilo: Speak and listen (if you can't speak on vent you'd better have a damn good reason)

-Additional info-
Reason: (Why do you want to join the guild) I am a co-founder ffs that's a stupid question ^^
Contribution: (Can you contribute with anything else) Creation of homepage, administration. Maxed out Alchemy and Herbalism (Elixir spec). Exalted most factions.
Future: (How does your future in the game and in your life look? Will there be any disturbances to your raiding after a while because you have a new job, school is starting again or whatever the reasons might be? What is your plan for the future?) Currently working 06.00-15.00 server time. Planning on going to the University studing at 50% pace and working a bit to cover expenses. Will hopefully not change raiding schedule for me, will probably even allow me to play more.

Enter any additional information here
(Like the story of your life, if your're bored, like I am!)
I joined Hellion while leveling up my first character Lilo (the silly undead female mage with full tier2) and stayed with them until a while before Burning Crusade. I made alot of alts (60 Hunter, 60 Rogue, 60 Shaman and finally my druid) and hit 60 with Giba juts before expansion and decided to level it to 70. A while after 70 I joined DUSK where my brother Kusko was and raided with them through Karazhan and Gruul's. After a while I felt that the time invested in the guild was too high and the profit too low and decided to quit. I went inactive from the game for a while and came back to reroll Moonkin (yes I was feral before with almost full epics and stuff, evil huh?) and now I've geared up my Moonkin a bit and me and Kusko decided to make this guild!
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Sample Application
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