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PostSubject: The idea   The idea Icon_minitimeThu 26 Jul 2007 - 14:53

This guild is going to be a 10-man raiding guild only. This means we will focus on Karazhan and later on Zul'Aman. We will not proceed to any 25-man raids.

The plan so far seems to be three raids per week with a requirement of approximately 66% attendance, meaning atleast two raids each week. This is a softcore raiding guild, so dont expect us to clear Karazhan in one week, we dont raid that much.

We will try to keep a low amount of members who are active to be able to gear up faster and not having to re-learn the encounter each time we raid.

If you are looking to advance as far into the TBC raid content as possible, this is not the guild for you.
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The idea
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